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African American Egg Donor Agency is the only egg donor agency that specializes in African American Egg Donors. Our agency was founded by a former Intended Parent who brings her personal and professional experience to egg donation.

our founder
Francee headshot.jpg
Fran Williams

​                          Founder and Director

What makes Us Different? Put simply...Our Director, Fran Williams. As the proud parent to a child conceived through egg donation, she brings a unique perspective of having a personal experience with egg donation. Many egg donor agencies are founded by former egg donors or business partners, however, our Director has first-hand experience to the overwhelming process of selecting an egg donor. She's the mother to a daughter born from an egg donor cycle. This allows her to understand the need of our intended parents and to walk with them on this often challenging journey. She has over 15 years of experience as the director of an egg donor agency. "I started my agency because I wanted other women to have the opportunity I had to start a family through egg donation," says Fran. "I had a difficult time finding a donor who fit my unique mixed ethnic background. Most agencies have a few donors who have a diverse background but none really focused on hard to find egg donors, so I started my agency in 2004 and since then we've been able to help many women realize their dream of motherhood, and create families.

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